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Character keychains

If you love Minecraft backpack, you'll love these adorable character keychains for your backpack. They are the perfect accessory for securing your bag while you're on the go. This set features 9 keychains in all, including one that's a limited edition. Choose from Enderman, Steve, Alex, Skeleton, and even a diamond pickaxe. Each backpack buddy comes on a keychain, so you can attach it to your backpack and keep it safe from unwanted visitors.

Durable materials

A good backpack should be made of durable materials. The most common are polyester and nylon, which are light and resistant to UV rays and minor abrasions. These materials also retain their color for a longer period of time. Nylon is also water resistant and has a glossy appearance.

Ballistic nylon and Cordura are the two toughest materials. These materials have been used in outdoor and military products for decades. While these materials are a bit more expensive than canvas, they are both incredibly durable. You may find yourself reaching for your wallet as soon as you see a backpack made of these materials.


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